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A life for painting and with pictures.


Many paths lead to raccoons etc. as well as to small format. Until I landed theren, but it took some lead time.


I am Sandra Kolondam. Born as the daughter of Inge and Robert Kolondam, a Munich native and an Indonesian father, and grew up in Munich. Now I live and work with my husband Klaus Soppe – who is also a freelance painter - at the gates of the beautiful city of Landshut, in the homeland of my grandmother and her siblings.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I fell for this magic from a young age. As a painter, I love the narrative form of representation and the tactile and sensual pleasure of working with artist's materials. Every brush stroke islike a beautiful and huge one Piece of chocolate.


Over the last few years I have had a few stations related to thisI put painting behind me. Started as a self-taught artist, then studied painting and had a few exhibitions at home and abroadlvier and also took on public commissions, ultimately ending up with small format and childlike and humorous pictures, which I particularly enjoy painting, alongside everyday scenes and still lifes. My small formats are created in one day and can be used as originals or as art prints can be purchased directly from me.

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